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About Orissa

Orissa is located at the Eastern part of India. The state lies on the coastal lines of Bay of Bengal and is famous for its wildlife sanctuaries, temples and handicraft. Historical significance of the Kalinga war, the incredible caves, the amazing wildlife and the beautiful beaches constitute some of the important aspects of Orissa wildlife tour.

Orissa is a land of wonders. The caves of Udaigiri and Khandgiri reflects the mighty rule of the Jaina emperors on one hand, on the other we have the banks of Daya river the believed site for Kalinga war which influenced Ashoka to embrace Buddhism, while the Jagannath temple of Puri is one of the four most important shrine of Hinduism. The architecture of the Sun temple at Konark and the Jagannath Temple at Puri mesmerizes the audiences. The capital of the state Bhubaneshwar is called the city of the temples because of the presence of around 500 temples dated 7th century, of which the granite temple of Lingaraj is famous for its sculptor and art work. The procession of three deities of the Jagannath temple called Rath Yatra is taken out on wooden chariots every year with great pomp and show.

The beach at Puri is also a place of great fascination for tourists visiting Orissa. The beautiful and clean beach is a perfect romantic destination for honeymooners. The view of the rising and setting Sun during dusk and dawn will leave you astonished with amusement. The boat ride at Chilka Lake is extremely thrilling, it is the largest coastal lake in India and second largest in the world. The need for preservation of 160 migratory and resident species of avifauna present in the lake has made it evolve as a bird sanctuary in orissa. The lake is visited by largest number of migratory birds in the Indian Subcontinent.

Other important National Park in Orissa are the Bhitarkanika wildlife sanctuary, Garhimata sanctuary, Simlipal sanctuary and Nandankanan national park. These wildlife sanctuaries and national parks are committed towards the protection of the endangered species and have saved many species like salt water crocodiles, white tiger, olive ridley turtles and Asiatic lions from extinction. These parks are covered with rivers, creeks, brooks and channels and making them close to nature and an ideal location for adventure, trekking and picnic.

Cuttack is famous in Orissa for art works on silver, Sambalpur district is known for its Sambalpuri silks. Appliqu has been one of the ancient temple arts. Pipli district in Orissa is famous for this art. Mask making, metal stone, carving and sand works are the other important handicraft of the state.

It is rightly being said that your tour to India is not complete untill you have seen Orissa. This state of tales has many more surprises to unfold, it holds beneath its treasure an experience which is beyond any explanation the only way to know encounter these amazing destinations is through exploring Orissa.

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